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Like many other Pacific nations, Vanuatu is an island archipelago with volcanic origins. The 83 islands that comprise Vanuatu offer their own unique blend of native tribal communities, modern resorts, beautiful beaches, accessible volcanoes and pristine underwater ecosystems. Book your travel package to Vanuatu with Direct Flights today.

Vanuatu - Jewel of the South Pacific

An island nation located in the sparkling South Pacific, Vanuatu is east   of northern Australia,   north-east of New   Caledonia, north of New   Zealand, west of Fiji,   and south of the Solomon Islands. Like many other Pacific nations, Vanuatu   is an island archipelago with volcanic origins. The 83 islands that comprise   Vanuatu offer their own unique blend of native tribal communities, modern   resorts, beautiful beaches, accessible volcanoes and pristine underwater   ecosystems. No other South Pacific country is quite as diverse as Vanuatu.   The glamorous duty-free shops, casinos, hotels, resorts, and gourmet restaurants   of its cosmopolitan capital, Port Vila on Efate Island, contrast sharply   with nearby timeless, traditional villages. Vanuatu, the jewel of the   Pacific, is an ideal adventure / nature travel destination that offers   memorable experiences: breath-taking geography, the natural splendour   of teeming wildlife, and warm and friendly locals.
Direct Flights can bring you to this tropical paradise by   arranging cheap flights to Vanuatu from Australia, New Zealand, the United   Kingdom, India and the USA and other parts of the world. Discount Vanuatu travel packages are available   through Direct Flights, which include cheap flights and   discount accommodation in Vanuatu.
Home to native Melanesian people but colonised by Europeans beginning   in the late 18th century, Vanuatu was jointly administered through a unique   British-French Condominium known as the New Hebrides until its independence   in 1980. The lengthy colonial period means that travellers on cheap holidays   to Vanuatu will experience a unique, cosmopolitan blend of English, French and native islander culture.
Vanuatu's bustling capital city, Port Vila, is on Efate Island, the nation's   primary holiday destination. Port Vila features a magnificent natural   harbour with stunning views of Iririki and Ifira islands, and its waterfront   area is so pristine that visitors are able to see live corals and tropical   fish from the high seawall. The city is Vanuatu's international gateway,   with a nearby airport that offers flights to Vanuatu from Sydney, Nouméa, Brisbane,   Honiara, Nadi,   and Auckland,   among others. Accommodation   in Vanuatu is plentiful, and Port Vila offers a variety of major resorts   and hotels for travellers to choose from. Book accommodation in Port Vila   with Direct Flights, and while you're planning your holiday   package to Vanuatu, be sure to check out our cheap flights to Vanuatu and car   hire options available throughout Vanuatu as well.
Port Vila is qucikly becoming known as the gourmet capital of the South   Pacific, with restaurants offering a veritable potpourri of food, including   French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian,   Mexican, Thai,   Melanesian as well as plenty of Greek, Moroccan and Spanish.   Just about any type of food is available, from Aussie meat pies to American   chili hot dogs. Outside Port Vila, Efate Island features a rugged coastline,   lazy lagoons, waterfalls in the mountains, and a verdant countryside striped   by fast flowing rivers.
Efate Island may be the main destination for visitors, but Vanuatu, with   its multitude of other jewel-like islands, is much, much more. Yasur volcano   on Tanna Island is one of the most famous active volcanoes in the world   and the approach to its crater is very accessible. Ambrym Island's volcanoes,   in the centre of the Vanuatu archipelago, erupt frequently but are generally   safe to be near - they produce a lot of smoke, some ash, and a slow lava   flow. Ambrym is also known for its warm and welcoming people, some of   the best wood carvings in the Pacific, and the mysterious, ancient Rom   dance. The Ambae Island volcanoes are a vision of mystery and magic -   at dawn the island appears to rise from the ocean, but as the sun climbs   higher, it often seems to completely disappear, hidden in the morning   mists. And keen hikers will enjoy exploring Aneityum Island, the southernmost   inhabited island in the Vanuatu archipelago. Its rich volcanic soils and   a slightly more temperate climate form the perfect environment for magnificent   stands of sandalwood trees and more than 80 species of orchids. Aneityum   has few buildings and no automobiles, but offers many walking trails and   paths through lush vegetation dotted by hot springs and dramatic waterfalls.   Plan and book holiday   activities such as volcano tours in Vanuatu with Direct Flights.
Scuba diving amidst live coral reefs, deep-sea game fishing, windsurfing,   mountain climbing, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, sailing and golf   are all at the fingertips of visitors on Vanuatu travel packages. And   you couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to spend your holiday. Discount   travel to Vanuatu is easy to arrange no matter where you're coming from,   with direct flights to Vanuatu arriving from Australia, New Zealand and   other locations throughout Oceania, and connecting flights arriving from   locations around the world, including Los   Angeles and Tokyo.   The online booking system used by Direct Flights is easy   and secure, so begin your island adventure today by booking one of the   cheap holidays to Vanuatu that Direct Flights can set up   for you.