Now a wealthy Paris suburb, Versailles was the seat of the royal French court and the de facto capital of the Kingdom of France. Versailles serves up history, culture, grand architecture, lively cafes, and restaurants. Explore this historical city by booking your travel package with Direct Flights.

Versailles, France


Now a wealthy Paris suburb, for more than a century Versailles was the seat of the royal French court and, until the French Revolution changed the course of history, the de facto capital of the Kingdom of France. This historic city is the home of France's grandest and most famous chateau - the magnificent Palace of Versailles.        
The Chateau de Versailles (as the French call it) is a must-see destination, a magnet that draws in almost every traveller within a reasonable distance. Some people travel to France just so they can experience its splendour. But as grand as the palace is, the city itself has its own appeal, with additional enticements just waiting to be experienced by visitors on cheap holidays to Versailles. Of course, being so close to Paris, travellers can use their accommodation in Versailles as a base to explore that multi-faceted city.       
Versailles serves up history, culture, grand architecture and lively cafes and restaurants. If you're interested in discount travel to Versailles, allow your online discount travel specialists at Direct Flights to find cheap flights to Versailles or Versailles travel packages that include discount accommodation in Versailles.        
The magnificent Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV in the mid-17th century, the height of the French monarchy. He set out to create an ostentatious symbol of absolute power, and he certainly succeeded: the chateau is nothing less than over-the-top opulence on a grandiose scale. Every interior space within the massive complex is ornately decorated: every moulding, every cornice, every ceiling, and every door - everything is gilded, carved, painted or otherwise decorated, often with symbols from Greek and Roman mythology. Frescoes, marble, statues and woodcarvings created by renowned artists and artisans are everywhere. The famous Hall of Mirrors is the pinnacle of Louis' excesses at the chateau, a 75m long glittering ballroom with ceilings covered with chandeliers and scenes from Louis' life, 17 huge mirrors on one side and an equal number of windows on the other side, all looking out onto seemingly endless gardens, ponds and fountains.       
The chateau complex has four main sections, all fascinating: the main palace building, a 580m-long structure with multiple wings, grand halls and sumptuous apartments; the vast gardens, canals and pools; and two smaller palaces, the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon. The Musée de l'Histoire de France, also on the grounds, takes visitors on cheap holidays to Versailles through the history of the French parliament beginning at the revolution and the collapse of the French monarchy in 1789. Direct Flights books low-cost travel deals to holiday destinations all around the world, including cheap holidays to Versailles, London, Australia and hundreds of other places, and with Direct Flights it's fast and easy.       
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