Energetic, romantic Warsaw is Poland's capital and largest city. The city's theatre, opera and film events make it the cultural capital of the country, and its nightlife is unsurpassed. Book your travel package to Warsaw with Direct Flights today.

Warsaw, Poland


Energetic, romantic Warsaw is Poland's capital and largest city, rising like a phoenix out of World War II's rubble. In an effort of almost heroic proportions, Warsaw's Old Town has been painstakingly rebuilt, brick by brick, in accordance with old paintings, photographs, sketches and the memories of its citizens. Old Town's successful reconstruction, a marvel of accuracy, is so good that the district is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, rebuilding the Old Town is just one example of Warsaw's energy and romanticism: today, Warsaw is a dynamic, progressive city firmly looking toward the future, but with one eye on the past.        
The city's theatre, opera and film events make it the cultural capital of the country and its nightlife is unsurpassed. Warsaw's museums can be poignant, with many recalling the pain of World War II, but Warsaw can be light and lively as well, with opportunities to purchase handmade goods, impressive castles to see and an ever-increasing array of international and Polish cuisines in its restaurants. The city's central location, roughly equidistant from the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains, makes accommodation in Warsaw an ideal base from which to explore other regions of the country.       
Flights to Warsaw arrive at nearby Frederic Chopin Airport, one of central and Eastern Europe's most modern and well-equipped. If discount travel to Warsaw sounds too good to pass up, allow Direct Flights to find the best travel package for you. Direct Flights offers fast and easy online bookings for discount travel throughout the world, including cheap holidays to Warsaw.        
Many of Warsaw's museums, churches and palaces are located along the Royal Way in Warsaw's city centre. The National Museum offers an impressive array of art on display, as does the Centre for Contemporary Art, housed in the Ujazdowski Castle near Lazienki Park. The Saxon Gardens are just a few blocks away, and the Palace of Culture and Science, in an imposing Stalinist-era building, is just a bit farther.        
The Royal Palace, residence of the Polish kings and later the seat of the country's parliament, is one of the buildings carefully reconstructed from scratch after World War II. Tours take visitors on cheap holidays to Warsaw through the royal apartments and into the Canaletto Room, where Bellotto's Warsaw cityscapes are on display. The enormous baroque Wilanów Palace is mostly filled with royal memorabilia and portraits, although the somewhat out-of-place Etruscan Room displays vases from 2,500 years ago.  See it all- Direct Flights offers the cheapest flights to Warsaw and best Warsaw travel packages available. It's fast, easy and convenient with Direct Flights, and you’ll save money too!       
Lazienki Park is the home of the annual Chopin Festival, free summer concerts and a number of palaces, including the Palace on the Water and Belvedere Palace. And with its one eye on the past, Warsaw features three moving museums that memorialise Polish resistance and bravery in the face of the atrocities of World War II: the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, the Warsaw Rising Museum, and the Pawiak Prison Museum.  Whether you’re coming from the United States, Australia, Asia, or anywhere else, Direct Flights has the discount travel package for you.       
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