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Frequently asked questions

Booking occurs when you reserve any travel product, such as flights, accommodation, car hire, destination activities, rail, cruises, and insurance. Once you have booked products through www.directflights.com.au, or through one of our booking agents in person or via phone, we must receive payment (and the Credit Card Authorisation form if paid by credit card) , before your tickets or travel products will be issued to you.

The issuing of tickets happens once Direct Flights has received payment for your booking (and the Credit Card Authorisation form if paid by credit card) and has processed the transaction.

There are several ways in which you can make a payment to Direct Flights.

We accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX credit card. A credit card handling fee is levied on all credit cards. As an added measure of protection against online credit card fraud, we require that those wishing to pay by credit card complete our Credit Card Authorization Form, and send it back to us before we process the transaction. Tickets and travel services will not be issued until the Credit Card Authorization Form is received.

We also accept payments for flights by PayPal pay online, bank cheque, Direct Deposit.

Online Payment Methods:
  • 0.0% applies to all banks issued Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards.
  • 2.0% applies to all banks issued Master Credit or Master Debit cards.
  • Australian Paypal account: a surcharge of 1.5% applies.
  • Non-Australian Paypal account: total surcharge is 2.5% (an additional 1% surcharge will be added and manually invoiced by our team once booking is confirmed).
AMEX (surcharge 2.70 %)
Offline Payment Methods:

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - $0.00
BPay - $1.00 Surcharge
Pay via cash or EFTPOS
Pay in person at our office

  Important Notes:
  1. Prices are not guaranteed until payment in full is received AND your ticket(s) are issued. Delay in payment may result in a difference in price, should the original fare no longer be available.
  2. We might request proof of payment (screenshot of bank transaction/payment receipt, fax/scanned copy of bank receipt etc) before we issue your ticket.
  3. Full payment (and proof of payment sent to us if required) must be made and received either into our bank account or at our office within 12 hours of making the online booking. Where payment has not been received by us within 12 hours of making an online booking, your reservation will be subject to automatic cancellation (Please be mindful that depending on your financial institution, Electronic Funds Transfers may take up to 4 business days to settle in the Direct Flights account, which may affect ticket availability and pricing).

* For Electronic Fund Transfer or cash deposit into Direct Flights bank account:

National Australia bank

Account name- Mega Holidays Pty Ltd
Account number-741618131

Westpac account

Account name - Mega Holidays Pty Ltd
BSB - 032044
Account number – 465674

Suncorp Bank

Account name - Mega Holidays Pty Ltd
BSB - 484 799
Account number – 071082256

* For payments made in person, we are located at:

Mega Holidays Pty Ltd trading as Direct Flights
Suite 401, 64-76 Kippax Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Hours: 0900 - 1730 Monday to Friday

Direct Flights reserves the right to request customer to complete a Credit Card Authorisation Form if required before ticket(s) to be issue. Delay in returning the Credit Card Authorisation Form may result in a difference in price, should the original fare no longer be available, and your travel may be subject to cancellation and a cancellation fee as outlined in our Booking Conditions. Failure to complete and return the Credit Card Authorisation Form will result in automatic cancellation, and you will incur a cancellation fee as outlined in our Booking Conditions. You can fax the completed form to 1300 863 534 (within Australia) or 02 8580 5711 (outside Australia) or by scanning and emailing it to bookings@directflights.com.au. Should you not wish to complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form, please contact bookings@directflights.com.au immediately, as offline payment options may available.

That’s easy – for your protection. Because of the increasing amount of online transaction fraud, Direct Flights requires our customer who wishes to pay for travel by AMEX card to complete and send in our Credit Card Authorisation Form before we process the transaction. That way you are better protected and we are better protected against false card use, until a time where better security measures are in place for online transactions.

Once you complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form, you can fax it back to us at (+61 2)8580 5711 (outside AUST) or 1300 863 534 (within AUST), scan and email it to bookings@directflights.com.au, or should time allow, mail it to:

Mega Holidays Pty Ltd trading as Direct Flights
Suite 401, 64-76 Kippax Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Should you not wish to fill out the Credit Card Authorisation Form, you may select the offline payment option whilst still in the booking process.

If you have already received a booking confirmation after selecting to pay by online payment method, and you do not wish to complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form, offline payment options may be available. Should time and booking conditions allow, we allow for Direct Deposit, and bank cheque for offline payments. Please contact the booking team at bookings@directflights.com.au immediately to arrange an offline option, as time restrictions may exist.

Your account isn’t actually debited at first. It’s pre-authorised. When you select to pay by credit card, you are automatically pre-authorising your credit card to be debited for the authorised amount. This is sometimes referred to as “freezing marked funds” by some financial institutions. In other words, your funds are still in your account, but they may not be in your available balance, as you have dedicated them to purchasing travel products from Direct Flights. Once Direct Flights receives your completed Credit Card Authorisation form within 12 hours of your booking, we process the transaction and the funds are debited.

Should you not wish to complete the Credit Card Authorisation form and you arrange another method of payment for your booking, Direct Flights will not process a transaction of any amount against your card. Your available balance will be restored at a rate that is dependent on your financial institution (approximate time is 3 – 5 days).

Should you not wish to complete the Credit Card Authorisation form, and fail to make payment for your booking by an alternate payment method, your booking will be cancelled and you will be subject to charges equal to our booking cancellation fees, detailed in FAQ #10.

Mega Holidays Pty Ltd is located at the Kippax Street in the Sydney, few minutes from the Central Station. Directions from the Central Station : Head southeast on Devonshire St tunnel toward Chalmers St. Then turn left onto Devonshire St. Again Turn left onto Randle St. Turn left onto Elizabeth St. When you turn right onto Kippax St you will see our Office.
For more information on how to contact us, click here.

The physical address is

Mega Holidays Pty Ltd trading as Direct Flights
Suite 401, 64-76 Kippax Street,
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Our office hours are 9am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays.

If you are booking online, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation from one of our online consultants. When booking by email or by phone, your travel consultant will confirm your details with you.

Tickets will be issued in accordance with deadlines written into the applicable fare.

  • Wherever possible, Electronic Ticketing will be arranged at no additional charge.
  • Tickets may also be picked up at the Direct Flights office in Sydney at no additionalcharge.
  • When Electronic Ticketing is not possible, tickets will be sent via Express Post at a surcharge of AUD $6.00, for deliveries within Australia only. The approximate delivery time is 5 days. Please contact us for delivery of paper ticket outside Australia.
  • Tickets may also be delivered Special Delivery (courier) at a charge of AUD $25.00, for deliveries within Australia only. The approximate delivery time is 3 days. Please contact us for delivery of paper ticket outside Australia.
  • Should time not permit for any of the above options, and you are traveling on a paper ticket, please contact Direct Flights to arrange a delivery method.

Please contact us no later than two working days prior to your departure if you have not received your travel documents.

At the moment, multi stop or round the world itineraries are available on our website under www.directflights.com.au/DFI_MultiStopFlights.aspx Or you can contact one of our consultants on

Main line (Sydney): +61 02 8488 5880

Melbourne: +61 3 8609 1573
Perth: +61 8 6102 6562
Adelaide: +61 8 7200 2332
Brisbane: +61 7 3077 6558

During our office hours, or email your travel requirements to us at bookings@directflights.com.au and we can assist you with all of your booking needs.

If an error occurs on the site while you are trying to make a booking, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not make another booking as your previous booking may have gone through. Our experienced reservations staff can check on your booking, and attempt to confirm your travel arrangements with you.

Changes to Bookings

After ticket is issued, changes can only be made if fare conditions permit. Upon request, we will check the fare rules and advise before proceeding.

Please check fare rules at the time of booking as they vary by airline and type of ticket purchased.

For hotel confirmed bookings, many suppliers charge at least the first night. Conditions vary by supplier.

On ticket that is permissible to change, our service fee is $55 per person. In addition to this, the Airline & Supplier will also have fare & tax difference and re-issue fee, based on new travel date.

Over the weekend or for change within 48 hours of departure, please contact the Airline directly for assistance.

Ticket Cancellation

Subject to ticket fare rule, we can cancel your ticket upon written request and lodge it for refund. From the refund amount, aservice fee of $55 per person will be charged for Domestic Ticket and $110 for International Ticket. The Airline will also have their cancellation fee and we can advise you case by case basis.

Should you need to cancel your flight, you need to give us a written request 72 hours before departure.

If you paid for your ticket by credit card, the surcharge amount is non - refundable.

If you wish to make an enquiry on date change or cancellation charges for an existing booking, we will be happy to assist. Please contact Direct Flights during business hours.

Main line (Sydney): +61 02 8488 5880

Melbourne: +61 3 8609 1573
Perth: +61 8 6102 6562
Adelaide: +61 8 7200 2332
Brisbane: +61 7 3077 6558

You can also email your query to refunds@directflights.com.au

What if I missed my flight?

If you missed your flight, the airline will charge a minimum of $250 for ‘No Show’ fee.
Some airlines would not give full refund in a No Show situation.

Unless informed otherwise, you should reconfirm your flight with the relavant airlines at least 72 hours prior to commencement of your journey. We accept no responsibility for bookings cancelled due to non-compliance with rules set by airlines.

Due to security measures, baggage allowances vary by airline and destination. Your baggage allowance can be found on your ticket. Please ask your consultant to advise you of any specific baggage requirements.

Please ensure you have entered all travellers’ name and title as per passport. We ask that you double check all information in the booking before finalizing. Name & Title correction process is complicated and time consuming. We would need to get Airline’s authority for the correction. In some cases, you will be required to purchase a whole new ticket and lodge your old ticket in for refund with applicable charges.

Correction is permitted if 3 letters or less in the Surname or First Name or Title.
Correction is permitted if First Name & Surname is in the wrong order.

When change & correction is permitted our processing fee is $133.
Watch out for auto correction on your electronic device which may result in wrong name or gender.
We cannot action name/title change on the day of departure or 5 days before departure. Please approach Airline staff for assistance. If you choose to travel with incorrect name, you may face complication at boarding or in Immigration.

Your booking maybe affected by Airline schedule change at any given time. This can happens when the Airline experience mechanical issue, routing change or simply bad weather. In some instance, the change can result in cancelled flight altogether. Whatever the reason, it is greatly inconvenient for the passenger as the alternate schedule that the Airline allocate may not suit your travel plans.

Direct Flights/Mega Holidays will notify you by email or phone if your booking is affected by schedule change. Sometime we do not receive advance notice from the Airline. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check your flight status before departure in Airline’s website, under ‘Manage My Booking’.

In the instance of significant schedule change that would disrupt your travel plans, the Airline may grant you a full refund. This is entirely at the Airline’s discretion and base on case by case assessment. Please check with us.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions that have not been covered in this FAQ, do not hesitate to make enquiries at info@directflights.com.au and indicate “FAQs” in the title.