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3 Destinations to Read About on Flights to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a stunning city with many appealing attractions worth visiting. Since flights to Frankfurt can take several hours from many countries, it makes sense we should start exploring which destinations we may like to visit when we arrive.

Here, we discover three highlights that are photographed, visited, and marvelled at year after year.


This is a town hall that dates from 1405. It is one of the most famous and iconic sights in the city. The eastern side of the building is the one that attracts the most attention, owing to its stepped gable design. The colourful exterior also ensures we can easily find it while wandering around the city. We might argue it is worth taking flights to Frankfurt just to see this centuries-old medieval building.


We may guess that Museumsufer indicates we have a museum to visit. However, in truth, the name relates to an area filled with museums seen on both the north and the south bank of the River Main in Frankfurt. Among the museums we can visit are the German Architecture Museum, the Stadel art museum, and the Historical Museum.


If we are lucky, we may catch a view of the Palmengarten from the windows of flights to Frankfurt. If not, the journey to see it once we have landed is worth the effort. It is a botanical garden covering around 22 hectares and has been open for over 140 years. The stunning gardens can be found both outside and in climate-controlled greenhouses.

While Frankfurt has many other attractions worthy of a visit, it is easy to see why these three destinations will make it onto many lists of places to go. We can gain much history, insight, and knowledge from them.