Cheap flights to Japan

Cheap flights to Japan

Airfare to Japan is typically expensive. But if you book with direct flights, you’ll be able to find cheap flights to Japan. Timing your trip well and thorough research can help you easily find flights to Japan within your budget. This is the best way to sidestep making a massive draw on your hard-earned money.

A powerful economy combined with a rich cultural background makes Japan a sought-out holiday spot for millions of tourists as well as a thriving business hub. It is a dramatic country packed with entertainment for all ages. The country offers a range of attractions, prominent cities, and the world-famous statue of The Great Buddha in Kamakura. Japan encompasses over three thousand islands and is the focal point of today’s technology and machinery. From the capital of Tokyo to the southernmost prefecture- Okinawa, to the significant cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan has it all- history, fun, islands, food and shopping.

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When to book cheap flights to Japan?

The best time to fly to Japan depends largely on your priorities. Do you want to witness cherry blossoms decorate Japanese cities? If yes, you need to look for flight deals to Tokyo Narita Airport in early April. Check out these airlines regularly to see if they offer any attractive deals.

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Virgin Australia
  • Thai Airways
  • Qantas Flights
  • Jetstar Flights
  • Malaysian Airlines

If you are planning to stick to a strict budget, the best time to visit Japan is in January. During this time air ticket prices are cheap. In Okinawa Island, sakura flowers blossom in January. You can easily catch a flight to Naha airport in the island from Tokyo. Numerous Asian airlines fly to Naha.

  • Korean Airline
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways

You could also book flights to Tokyo during the off peak season in September or October. If the plan involves a trip to Osaka, schedule your flight to Kansai International Airport in July. You’ll be there in time for the Tenjin Matsuri festival. Once you book your tickets to Osaka, don’t forget to pack your party shoes. You can join the dancing crowds on the streets.

Getting around in Japan

After you land at Narita or Haneda international airport in Japan, take public transport to your preferred destination. Once you are in the country, don’t worry too much about crowded transport. Even during festival seasons, Japan’s bullet trains rarely carry rush hour passengers. Stick to those and buy a Japanese Rail pass.

Try to avoid planning your vacation during the golden week. This is that time of the year when Japanese people take to the roads on holiday. This period lasts from end of April to beginning of May. Try to avoid rush hours when you explore big cities like Tokyo or Osaka. The rush hours generally last from 7am to 9am in the morning and 5pm to 7pm in the evening.

Popular destinations in Japan

Climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji perhaps is the most popular destination in Japan amongst adventure seekers. You could climb the mountain and capture stunning shots with your camera or Smartphone. Travelling by bus is the most convenient and fast method to get to Mount Fuji. You can catch buses from both international Airports in Narita Airport and Haneda. If you are boarding the bus from Narita, the journey will take about 3 to 3 and half hours. If you catch a bus from Haneda, expect to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours on route. Japanese authorities allow visitors to climb the mountain from July to August.

Located 1000 meters above sea level, the Fuji Five Lake region is one of the best possible places to view Mount Fuji. It is a resort area, well-known for hiking, snow sports, camping and leisurely fishing. Out of the five beautiful lakes in the area, Lake Kawaguchiko is the easiest to access.

Visit the ancient capital of Kyoto

An ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto is well worth a visit. You’ll get to witness the glory of age old temples and learn about traditional Japan. Kyoto is one of the best places in the country to enjoy an authentic tea house experience. You can sit at low wooden tables to munch on scrumptious Japanese goodies. Wash down those bites of goodness with tea. Ask the host to explain a little about Japanese tea ceremonies. If you are a foodie, go to the Nishiki Market to eat Japanese food made from fresh ingredients.

Explore Nara

Nara is sometimes considered the birthplace of ancient Japanese tradition. If you visit the region, don’t forget to admire its UNESCO World Heritage landmarks. It is truly an awe-inspiring treasure trove of beautiful building from a long forgotten era. As you explore Nara, you may notice an obvious Chinese influence in the city. Don’t forget to check out the imposing wooden Todai-ji temple and the Kasuga Grand Shrine. The latter is set in a cedar forest which you can reach by walking a decorated path. Wherever you go in Japan, finding cheap air tickets to the country is the first step to saving money.