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How Much Money Do I Need To Travel In Vietnam?

When traveling to a foreign country, it can be difficult to determine how much money to bring or what to expect with regards to prices once you arrive. For those looking for cheap flights to Vietnam, you can rest assured that you can also find cheap prices for events, accommodations, travel in the country as well as for dining.

In general, as in all areas of the world, the major urban centers in the country have higher prices than the less popular or visited areas. Additionally, usually during the seasons offering the best prices on cheap flights to Vietnam travelers also find the lowest cost of accommodations and even admission to various events and landmarks.

It is not uncommon for people arriving in the country after taking one of the cheap flights to Vietnam from Australia to find they are spending less than thirty dollars a day. This includes three meals a day and typical tourist events and admission prices.


It may be a bit unusual for Australians, but bartering is common practice throughout Vietnam. In most cases, even if vendors or shop owners do not speak English, it easy to still barter and come to an agreement about the final price.

In major cities such as Hanoi or in tourist areas such as Halong Bay, bartering is not as common, particularly for western style hotels, dining establishments, and tours and activities. However, the prices are still much lower than the same type of things in Australia, which makes this a great place to travel on a budget.

There are many different outdoor activities as well as cultural events, amazing locations, and even river tours and trekking adventures throughout the country. Online sites can allow you to plan your travels and your budget, just make sure the prices are current.