Why Does Travel Insurance by Chubb Make Good Sense?

Booking a holiday is an exciting process. However, there are other essential things we must also do before we travel. Booking a travel insurance policy is one of the most important of all. We hope we will never need to claim on it, but if we do find ourselves in trouble in some way, it is reassuring to know that policy is there.

More Australians are discovering the advantage of booking travel insurance by Chubb. Here, we discover why it makes sense to consider this cover.

It Provides Affordable Insurance for All Types of Travellers

We often spot good prices for travel insurance, only to find we are denied cover when we try to buy a policy. Travel insurance by Chubb encompasses numerous options to suit all Australian travellers.

We may want a simple beach holiday or alternatively to go skiing, hang gliding, or bungee jumping. Chubb’s insurance policies can cover all eventualities and desires.

There are Four Types of Plans to Choose From
Travel insurance by Chubb is offered in four plan types:

  • Prestige
  • Domestic (Australian travel only)
  • Comprehensive
  • Essential (no frills)

Each plan is aimed at a different kind of traveller. By reading about each one, we can figure out which one will be most suitable for our requirements.

We Get Access to a 24-Hour Hotline for Claims
We hope we will never need to pick up the phone to call our insurer, but if we do, it is good to know we do not need to wait for a certain time of day to do so. Whether it is 3 am or 3 pm, we can call the hotline to make a claim should the situation arise.

When we are looking forward to a holiday in Australia or beyond, it is good to feel we can relax and enjoy it too, thanks to a good travel insurance policy.