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I have just received them. Thank you very much. I'm happy with my service with direct flights, though sometimes I found response to queries were slow I found everyone I dealt with to be professional and helpful. Thank you once again. I look forward to booking with you once again.
By: Sharmista Malkapuri
Date: 21/11/2015
Thank you very much for sending tickets. The credit card validation process and the delay in send a tickey/pdf kinda threw me off. At the end, i am satisfied now with your response and ticket issuance. I will consider using you again should this trip go smoothly. Kind regards
By: Billy Cotsis
Date: 21/11/2015
Good Afternoon Thank you so much, i received the E-ticket for Alexander and myself. I really appreciate your assistance. Have a lovely weekend Regards Lina
By: Lina
Date: 20/11/2015
Very efficient on line service, thanks RayH
By: Ray Hudspeth
Date: 16/11/2015
Good website design, particularly the +/- 3 day search function. For me, it shows that the interest of the customers are being prioritised (as compared to how much your business may profit). Payment options and associated charges are clear at checkout but, for both times we booked earlier this month, the confirmation email did not include Bpay information. For the first booking, I emailed to request and for the second booking, I just used the Bpay information from the first booking. Didn't bother me with emailing you with the payment confirmation. I think end of the day, nothing major or difficult to use. Ultimately the price your site offers is the most important factor for our decisions. Overall, keep up the good works!
By: Edward Liu
Date: 07/11/2015
After some searches for the ticket fights best price to my trip back to Brazil, I finally found with no doubt that Direct Flights had the best price. I decided then search for the company's reviews, and for my surprise they were not really good. I was really concerned about buying my tickets with them, but they had the best price, so I took a chance. I paid it using my paypal account. They asked me for my bank statement and also my passport in order to finalize and emit the tickets. I felt even more uncomfortable with my purchase, but again I decided to continue and send them the documents required. After 1 day, and some emails (they were always prompt to reply it), and calls (I could always talk to an attendant, though she never solved anything) they emitted the tickets. I checked the email with the company and everything was expected. This was my experience with the company. I still don't like that they ask for the bank statement showing the payment, and the passport, but OK, at least I have my tickets for a good price. I got all details on emails and they also sent me it via mail.
By: Leandro Veloso Rodrigues
Date: 28/10/2015
Service is very good
By: Matthew Martin
Date: 27/10/2015
All your website is good and very functional. Kind regards, Colin Proud
By: Colin Proud
Date: 26/10/2015
Great price and easy to book. Hopefully making any adjustments or changes will be equally as easy, if required
By: Suyog Sankhe
Date: 25/10/2015
nice services and quick responses. very appreciate.
By: Holly
Date: 24/10/2015
I am always thrilled with the great prices offered by Direct Flights / Mega Holidays. The range of options is wonderful and this time, my tickets were delivered within 24 hours of my payment. I could log on to the airways website and do seat selection, meals etc - all within a day of my booking. Really happy with all aspects of the booking process and have recommended you to others. Thanks again
By: Christine Reiher
Date: 23/10/2015
Booking thru you guys was very easy and not complicated.
By: Suzanne Fleming
Date: 22/10/2015
Happy with price and service!
By: Christian Gallitschke
Date: 22/10/2015
This was my first booking on this site, even though it was a multi city one it was very easy to do. Everything went smoothly and I got my tickets for the price I made my booking for.
By: Bozi
Date: 28/09/2015
Booking was extremely easy and everything was processed quickly and accurately. Only slight problem - There was no bpay code on the invoice so had to pay by transfer. If possible make the Bpay code clearer to find.
By: Elaine Cranfield
Date: 18/09/2015
Customer service was brillant
By: Dijendra Nand
Date: 18/09/2015
Date: 18/09/2015
The staff were helpful and obliging and booking through you was a good experience. I would like to give a good review online when my trip is completed.
By: Eleanor
Date: 17/09/2015
Booking process was simple enough which we appreciate as we are Seniors and don't want things too complicated. We received the e-tickets soon, thank you.
By: B Cronk
Date: 17/09/2015
I called and had chats several times with your staff. All staff 100% answered my questions patiently and in a professional manner. I have been looking for the cheapest price for 2 weeks and your website had the best price. In total, thats the first time I'm buying a ticket from you and next time i want to buy a ticket, the first website I will check will be your website. I am happy both with price and service :) and thanks for giving me the opportunity to give you feed back.
By: Armin
Date: 17/09/2015
The staff we have been in contact with was very helpful and friendly. Best regards, Henrik
By: Henrik
Date: 05/09/2015
Booking easy and smooth,spoke with Gayathri Marian who was helpful and responded with an emailGot tickets and now more relaxed. Good price, thank you.
By: jim robinson
Date: 03/09/2015
The booking process was bit lengthy of verification, I was a bit anxious if the seats could be confirmed. Apart from that staff are great and communicate often. Many thanks
By: William Monaghan
Date: 02/09/2015
Booking and getting the tickets were achieved quite promp and no hassles.
By: Claudio
Date: 31/08/2015
I am very happy with the attitude and help of DirectFlight consultants during the whole ticketing process.
By: ismet tekin
Date: 31/08/2015
Hi Web site was easy to use. Great prices.
By: simon
Date: 29/08/2015
Good and quick response to our bookings, we were a little concerned that we had to present our banks statement to verify our payment even though we paid by PayPal.. but we understand when team explained us on that.
By: Cherryl Dart-Garton
Date: 29/08/2015
Happy, all good, I will use this again.
By: sayed hussaini
Date: 29/08/2015
The service was very nice and I receive the instruction for the payment fairly easily.
By: Jordi
Date: 14/08/2015
Very helpful and quick response. Called back as required to provide details. Great service
By: Ian Adam
Date: 11/08/2015